Feb 26, 2014

Power Box in Sasebo

Power Box is located around Sasebo, Japan. For those of you who don't know, Sasebo's probably best known because it has a large U.S. Naval base. I believe this was on a Sunday when I went down to Sasebo with my GF to visit some family. I think it was a Sunday, because the shop was closed. None-the-less, I took some photos. I'm looking forward to visiting when they are open. Maybe I'll get a chance sometime this year.
In their front window, they have this lovely two-tone 86. I think I like it because it looks slightly refined and classy with the (i think) wine colored bumpers. Of course it also has and exhaust and Volk TE37s in their iconic bronze color...love those wheels so much.

I think I like this thing because it's not a panda. I mean don't get me wrong, I love the panda scheme, but it seems like after Initial D came out...that's all anyone wants to do is "panda" their Trueno. On the other hand, this is both fresh and inspiring.
If you are looking at the building and turn right, then you are looking at this FD. There are still people that do crazy body kits, and build their cars like it's 2000 and they are trying to get their car into the cast of "The Fast and the Furious," but it's calming down. This car though seems to strike me with that 1998-2000 Wangan vibe. That was the time when Super Street and even Sport Compact Car (who remembers that magazine?) were doing articles on top speed racing on the Wangan as well as drifting on the touge. That was right before the biggest JDM craze kicked off.
It looks like it has a Uras Type GT aero kit, and Regamaster Evo wheels. I can't be 100% about the wheels from this angle though, and it's been a long time, so I can't remember off the top of my head. Uras winker lights let oncoming traffic know where this guy is going. RE Amemiya headlights help shed some light on the road when it gets dark, and while we are speaking of RE Amemiya, they also made the rearview mirrors that are on this car.
It's hard to know who made the carbon fiber cluster that sits on the dash, because a few different companies make these things, and to be honest... they all look the same. I know it's hard to make out in this picture, but if you look close you can see that this car is definitely using Mazdaspeed seats...nice.
From this angle, the steering wheel almost looks like a Nardi, but judging from the yellow line markings at the top, I'd guess it's a Momo Drift wheel. The shift knob looks like a Mazdaspeed knob, and for the guages, I'm going to guess Blitz. That looks like Blitz bezels. Right in front of our face is a Cusco OS rear upper strut bar, and if you look close, you can see where they cut the rear strut tower interior trim to try to keep the inside looking nice. In front of that you can barely see a metal battery box.
 Looking up from the back of the FD, you can see a lot of cars. Whether they are customer cars, spare shells, or future projects, I can't tell..... but I can still look. I don't like to go into a roped off area, because they obviously don't want you in that area, and in Japan we try to respect that...but... that little concrete to curb to the left wasn't roped off. That means I'm about to tip toe on that and get some more pictures.
A pretty straightforward looking S14. But I must say the body is pretty straight on this one, and that's kind of rare for Silvias in Japan. Most have seen hard service on the drift track or up in the mountains, and as a result they look pretty cankered up. So depending on how you wanna see this it's either "eh, kinda plain," or "holy shit that' pretty clean." Moving on past the black Subaru B4 behind this red one...
We can find the shop's old and well used AE86 Levin. For whatever reason they let this one's condition go, but it's still the yard. Maybe that means at some point they are going to restore it and turn it into a project again. Only time can tell. When I go to Sasebo again, I'll try to check on progress updates on these cars. What's that grey car peaking up in the background?
 One of a pair of Porsches. Not for sure the exact model number, because I didn't go around to see, and even though I like Porsches, I can't tell the difference in the 900 series just from looking. I'd like to see RWB get his hands on these. And behind the Porsches waaaaay in the back all by it's lonesome is a AE86 Trueno... will it rust away? Only time will tell.
 And the last thing that caught my eye was this pair of old Civics. I know that most people probably think I'm anti-Honda or something, but that's simply not true. My second import was a del Sol and to be honest, I like Hondas, but I've never reached that stage to where I'm baller enough to have more than one project, so the 180/Silvia platform has my attention. Truth be told, I'd love to build a nasty ass CR-X Touge killer. In my area, I just don't see a lot of Hondas. In some odd fantasy land situation, I see more NSX's than Civics and Integras..... how does that work?
And that last shot before I leave this shop and post behind is of this Silver 180SX Type-X and the Z33 behind it.

I can't wait to visit this shop when it's open. I'd love to ask a few questions and get a few stories.

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