Feb 22, 2014

Cusco Brake Master Cylinder brace for S13

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This is actually the first part I bought in Japan, anticipating the arrival of my S13. I bought it on Yahoo! Auctions.

I know some of you are asking, why did he buy a brake master cylinder stopper as his first part. The main reason is that it seemed relatively cheap at the time. It was 10$ and I know these things new Go for about $120 US, and about 30-40 used here in Japan, so it seemed like a good cheap way to get accustomed to Yahoo! Auctions, which is VERY different from eBay. All said and done, it cost me around $25.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan puts all of the fee burden on the buyer. And you can usually only pay COD or by Bank transfer, both of which have extra fees imposed either by the bank or the shipping company. More and more Visa options are popping up, but getting a credit card is pretty difficult here.

My plan is to take a drill and wire wheel to this thing, and then blast it with a fresh coat of paint.

All in all.... I'm pleased with my first purchase, and now that I understand Yahoo! Auctions Japan, I'm going to keep buying stuff from there. It's like a treasure hunt... you just gotta find the diamonds in the rough.

When I actually get my car, and get around to putting parts on it, there will most definitely be a DIY. I just can't put parts on a car without doing a DIY video.

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