Jan 8, 2014

We are undergoing an upgrade....

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Hey guys (and gals)! Some of you may be noticing that I changed the look. More of you may have noticed that there was no RPM this week. I am truly sorry about that, but I am currently updating the look of the blog. I will be full steam ahead next week, I just got buried behind New Year's stuff. New Year's carries the same importance that Christmas carries in the U.S. To make up for it, there will be a double RPM post next week. Also, you should finally start seeing the new logo, and photo styles creeping up on the blog next week.

I don't make resolutions, I make decisions. I hope you will be happy with the decisions that I have made, because I always have a better experience for you in mind.

This photo above is a picture of Sakura that I took at Tochoji Temple in Fukuoka in March of 2013.

Have a great New Year and stay safe!


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