Jan 21, 2014

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 13


Alright, ladies and gents. Sorry about the delay, but I've been really damn busy with this whole Japanese driver's license thing....

BUUUUT, to set things right and to help kick off the new 2014 design of the blog, I gave you a double size issue this week! Hope you enjoy it!

The doc is giving his opinion on what it means to be fast, and, like Schwarzenegger, Muto-san is lying to his wife.... but unlike Ah-nuld it's not about sleeping with the babysitter, it's all about the touge. See you next week! If you have comments, drop 'em below....


  1. Hmmm I think FA's are cool. But then again I was born in the 80's so pop-up lights are the s***!!!

    1. Couldn't agree more. There are times where I wish the pop-up could make a comeback!


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