Jan 31, 2014

Black R32 4-door in Usa-shi

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Ok, so this is going to be a lesson in how to be a man and take care of your business, all while still having fun. That's right, being into racing is no excuse to bounce on your kid, from a woman you knocked up, just so you can play Takumi.

This guy looks like he has a handle on things. I saw this Skyline parked at a Sukiya in Usashi. If you don't know what Sukiya is, it's a Gyudon shop. If you don't know what Gyudon is, I'm going to do an article on it next month. It's pretty much the best thing, ever.
4-door screams GTST at best, although he has done a GT-R front end conversion. You know let's just run down the parts now. He definitely has front and rear wide fenders, although most companies' offerings are so generic, he's probably the only person that knows what brand they are. Aerocatch hoodpins keep the raised bonnet latched while rolling down the street. The mirrors look like Hipo Sleek aero mirrors, although, once again, several brand make copies of this style. The trunk is rocking a tasteful and modest lip spoiler, and his front bumper has a tow hook peeping out of the front, just in case he needs to call JAF for a tow.
From this angle, we can see that the car is lowered on some brand of coilovers, and  it is rolling on legit Advan tri-spokes. To be honest, there is no reason not to get legit rims in this country. A used set of name brand wheels costs less that a knock off set from a certain southeast Asian company. I'm sure he is running some flex preventing bars, but I couldn't tell from what I could see. While he is running stock size brakes, he does have vented drilled rotors.
But even though this guy is a man who hasn't run from the duty of fatherhood, it looks like he has NO PROBLEM thrashing this car about, if the condition of the front bumper is any indication. Love it. We can also see the front mount that keeps his (probably) RB25DET supplied with cool forced induction air. I'm thinking the flex hose on the right either supplies fresh air to the brakes on that side or (more likely) delivers fresh air to the intake.
This shot just shows some NACA duct love.

Oh shit.... somebody raided The Fast and the Furious’ Mitsubishi Eclipse for a Tach. But it looks like it compliments a bevy of other gauges as well, so I'm going to let the tach slide. Brides and a Nardi wheel round out the car's interior. It looks like tunes are supplied by an older (but cool) CD/MD player combo. 
To be honest, I have no reason to get a Mini Disc player for a car, but I still really want one. Maybe it's because it's "Mad JDM Tyte, yo!"

And how you may ask, do I know that this guy is a dad? Well, on top of seeing a guy eating in the restaurant with a female significant other and a child while wearing a Nismo racing shirt....
He's proudly got that ish displayed on the back of his race car.

Don't be a deadbeat dad.... take care of your kids.

This article was originally written before the untimely passing of Mr. Paul Walker, and the line stating "The Fast and Furious Eclipse" originally read, "Paul Walker's Eclipse." As I was changing the text, I couldn't help but feel saddened by the loss of a man I never knew, except for his movie roles, including his role as Brian O'Connor in a movie that forever helped to shape my life. I know that's lame, but for anyone that was between the ages of 16 and 25, that movie really impacted our car lives. This is an article about father hood, and I will honestly say there was never an interview where he didn't mention his daughter. You will be missed by your family, friends, and fans, Mr. Walker. May you rest in peace.

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