Dec 24, 2013

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 11


Well, looks like hater's gon' hate. Other doctors are talking crap about kind of car Masaya rolls in. So what if they have a Porsche? Even after claiming it was faster, they turned right around and said they didn't care about speed, since they have "grown up." So essentially they are doing what 98% of every luxury and high end sports car owner is doing. Buying it because it's expensive.

But I think that real car enthusiasts know that car ownership is not about how much it costs or how it makes you look, but it's about how it makes you feel. If your car isn't bringing you true joy, sell it and buy something that will. If you're tuning a car that you can't stand, isn't it just a waste of money in the end?


  1. Can't wait for the next one. I hope this gets an anime like

    1. I feel you, I'd really like to see an Anime as well. We may very well get it, since they are making one more Initial D animated movie (think Stage 3, if you follow that anime), which will finish off Stage 5. Then they will do a Stage 6, and that's it for Initial D. That will leave a gap in the car anime section, since Wangan Midnight was both short and poorly received. That's a perfect opportunity to show everyone Muto-San and crew.

      Currently I'm preplanning a drift movie series, that I would one day like to film. If I could get off my ass, and a LOT of luck shined my way, maybe I could direct the live action. Doubt it, but a man could always hope, lol.


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