Nov 19, 2013

RPM: Red Passion Men's Story pt. 6

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Two bonus pages this week, kids! That was the end of the first issue. Normally they are 20 pages long, but this first issue was 32 pages long, so it took me a few more weeks to get it lined up. I had seven pages for this week, so I thought the last two pages rounded it out nicely.

Well, we see that Masaya is indeed still driving his S22C, so those friendly heated flames of rivalry are back. Just one problem.... Muto-san doesn't have a car. What is going to happen?
I am currently scanning in the next month's worth of episodes, but don't worry, I'm really far ahead of schedule. By time this goes to print, I'll be a few months ahead. Like I said before, my girlfriend and I can't stop working on this story. We love it.

I can totally feel Muto's pain, because as of the time I'm writing this, I don't have a car. But, I want a 180SX so bad I can taste it. I am doing everything I can to raise money so I can buy this thing.

What is your dream car? Do you own it? If not, what are you prepared to do to get it? Dreams are only lived by those who wade through nightmares to achieve them.

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