Nov 11, 2013

Quick Snap: Black on Black JZA80 Supra

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I caught this one in the parking lot, while leaving Super GT, and only had time to grab one photo. This thing looks kind of pieced together, but it's not the WORST thing I have ever seen. To be honest, I'd really like it, except for the Veilside side skirts. They just don't fit the rest of the car.

Super GT Kyushuからの帰り道この車を駐車場で見つけ、写真をとることにしました。この車、見た感じパーツどうしがバラバラな感じがしましたが、そこまで悪くはないなと思いました。正直いうと、Vielsideサイドスカート以外、他は完璧です。これだけはどうも合わないかなと。。

I really want to know what those front fenders are though. They almost look like Borders, but there are no top vents, so I know they are not. I'm also at a loss on the rear bumper / diffuser. Google turned up nothing. Can anyone help out?


The taillights, while I don't know the exact brand are replicas of the GT taillights, from old Super GT cars. Kinda fitting that they would be in a parking lot at a Super GT race. There was a guy making replicas here. But from the looks of it, he's is sold out and not making anymore. I'll see what else I can dig up.

テールライトはどれがGTテールライトのレプリカかハッキリしたブランドはわかりませんが、旧型のSuper GT カーからだと思われます。
Super GT レースの駐車場にありそうな車でした。

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