Nov 18, 2013

Nissan Skyline (DR30) Silhouette Race Car Replica at Autopolis

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Video Transcription:

Hey... Mankin from eXite Video Magazine, here. On my trip to Autopolis for the Super GT Kyushu 300, I found this amazing replica of the famous DR30 Skyline Silhouette race car.

The Skyline and several other cars like it competed in Japan, during the 80s, in FIA Group 5, and were modified to comply with Group 5 rules and regulations, which stated that the car's body must remain factory, preserving the factory "silhouette."

Through a loophole in the rules, fender modifications were left "open," allowing insane wide bodies that the class became known for. Aero specs were also left open, resulting in oversized spoilers and wings.

You can see how these cars inspired Bosozoku style cars.

The owner says he has driven the car on Suzuka Circuit, where he also tracks a Hakosuka and an R32.

All I can say is that I am extremely jealous. This man is living the dream in my opinion.

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こんにちは!Exite Video Magazineのマンキンです!
こSuper GT kyushuが開催されたオートポリスへの道中、の素晴らしい、有名なDR30 Nissan スカイライン シルエットレースカーのレプリカを発見しました。





とにかく言いたいのは、、、羨ましい‼ 僕にとっては夢のような話です。。。

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