Nov 4, 2013

Brittish Racing Green NA Mazda Miata. Race Stanced.

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Let me first say, sorry for the quality. It was raining very hard, and I didn't want to get my camera out in the rain, so I went with the iPhone with a cracked glass, and condensation formed on the lens. Any image is better than no image, though.


You will see that disclaimer in front of the next several posts, as I finish the in depth look at cars that I found in the parking lots at Super GT Kyushu.

Super GT Kyushu会場の駐車場で見つけたカッコいい車の写真をUpしてるので、次の記事でご覧ください。

Welcome to the first bilingual article from eXite Video Magazine. I will post a paragraph in English, and then post the translated paragraph below in Japanese.

Exite Video Magazineより、初のバイリンガル(二か国語)ブログへようこそ‼

This NA Miata is very wild yet mild at the same time. In fact, only the white hood messes up the overall aesthetics, and to be honest, there may be a really good reason for it, I'm not sure. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the car was definitely British Racing Green. Mazda fans will note that this means that if this paint was laid down in the factory, that it is definitely a 1991. That is the only year that Mazda put that shade on the NA, and only 3997 were produced in this shade that year.


The stance is what initially brought me to yell "Stop the car!" to Daniel from Wasabi Cars, who was acting wheelman for the day.  I was too soaked and cold to think about checking the rim sizes, but that looks like maybe a +0 offset 8 or 9, sitting on a race stance. Pretty impressive for a car with such small inner fender area. Miata guys, can you help me take an educated guess?

 この車のスタンスは、その日一日ドライバーをしてくれたWasabi Carsのダニエルに、「車をとめてくれ!」と叫んでしまうほど魅力的な車でした。ホイールのサイズを調べようとしましたが、雨がひどく長時間ずぶ濡れで凍え死にそうだったので断念しました(汗)しかしその見た目からだと、おそらく+0オフセット8か9くらいかな~?と思いながら、会場の席へむかいました。

Look at those sexy arches, and the headlight vent work. The arches are Jubiride from Japan (obviously), and unknown bumper vents. Good God, those are sexy, though. Anyone have any info on what type of vents those are under the headlights? The bumper looks like a C-West style, but C-West (according to their current online catalog) doesn't have anything for the Miata. The car also has a 3D Carbon Fiber GT wing. Overall, the car flows very nicely.


I won't lie, if I wasn't 6'5", I'd drive a Miata. I don't care it is a "girl's car" or not. This is an example of one that was done right in my opinion.


Info and educated guesses based on info from the following sources:


Questions, comments, hate? Throw it in the comments below.


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