Nov 28, 2013

This is a street tuned S2000, that I found at Super GT Kyushu. I'm going to post a few more videos like this while I edit footage from the show. Enjoy.

Nov 26, 2013

Well... That seems a little harsh. Reminding Muto-san that he's gotten slower, while simultaneously reminding him that Masaya is probably still racing, and ready to settle the grudge. The worst thing is. Muto-san STILL doesn't have a car to race in. Maybe Muto's friend is rubbing it in. Seems to me like he's enticing him to get back in the fight.


Nov 20, 2013

Ok, so I'm going to go ahead and say this upfront, because I know I'm going to need to put my flame suit on for this one. I am a diehard Nissan fan, and I have been VERY critical of what they have been doing recently. Either the cars were just plain garbage, or the marketing was so bad, that not even God could have known what they were trying to accomplish in their marketing strategies.

I am not an expert, and I have no pull whatsoever in the automotive industry, but I'm going to weigh in with my opinions. And that's all they are... opinions.

Nissan unveiled it's awaited answer to the FT-86 (FRS in the US) from Toyota. It was rumored to be a small car with retro styling, powered by the 1.6 Turbo from the Juke.
We were all hopeful that this slated the return of the desperately desired S16 Silvia. But, we were given this.

And...get ready for it.... I LIKE IT.

Well, I like parts from both cars, and in a perfect world, I could combine both of them to get a great car. I will tell you what I mean. Let's start with the Nismo IDX.

The Nismo IDX is the performance side of things. It is getting a 1.6L Turbo engine according to resources. I am assuming the HR16DET from the Juke. That's ok. Engines are make more HP per Liter than ever before, so that's fine.

I also like the added fender flares that will be available on the IDX, as well as the front bumper cover, that replicates the look of the Datsun 510 with a chin spoiler. The fender mounted mirrors are also amazing. But.... THOSE HEADLIGHTS ARE NOT APPEALING WHATSOEVER. Retro styling means pulling from classic Nissan/Datsun cars. Not a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. That is all.

Luckily, the Nissan Freeflow, the more tame road going variant comes with a set of headlights that really update the classic 510/Hakosuka look, which is where Nissan has pulled most of it's styling cues. Other than that, it's going to have between a 1.2L and 1.5L NA engine. Grocery getting material, right there.

Here I'm going to post some pictures of some vintage 510s and Hakosukas next to the concepts so that people can see the resemblance. For the record, I LOVE THE 510, but it's not the most beautiful car in my opinion. Sorry... I said it.

So it's not what we wanted, but I think they pulled the modern retro design style off just as well as Ford did with the 2010 Mustang, or Chrysler did with the Challenger. Just my opinion.

As for the dream combination of Nismo IDX and Nissan Freeflow... well here it is, in my opinion.

Nismo IDX Chassis, minus the roof spoiler, with the Freeflow's headlight section and IDX chin spoiler. IDX fender mirrors and over fenders....and let's not forget the HR16DET.

Oh and Nissan...... I want a gear shifter no paddle shift crap, please... remember... RETRO.

And here is a video promotion for the new cars:

The comment section below is open.... I've got my flame suit on.


Sorry but the other two photo watermarks were too small to read.

Nov 19, 2013

Two bonus pages this week, kids! That was the end of the first issue. Normally they are 20 pages long, but this first issue was 32 pages long, so it took me a few more weeks to get it lined up. I had seven pages for this week, so I thought the last two pages rounded it out nicely.

Well, we see that Masaya is indeed still driving his S22C, so those friendly heated flames of rivalry are back. Just one problem.... Muto-san doesn't have a car. What is going to happen?
I am currently scanning in the next month's worth of episodes, but don't worry, I'm really far ahead of schedule. By time this goes to print, I'll be a few months ahead. Like I said before, my girlfriend and I can't stop working on this story. We love it.

I can totally feel Muto's pain, because as of the time I'm writing this, I don't have a car. But, I want a 180SX so bad I can taste it. I am doing everything I can to raise money so I can buy this thing.

What is your dream car? Do you own it? If not, what are you prepared to do to get it? Dreams are only lived by those who wade through nightmares to achieve them.

Nov 18, 2013

Video Transcription:

Hey... Mankin from eXite Video Magazine, here. On my trip to Autopolis for the Super GT Kyushu 300, I found this amazing replica of the famous DR30 Skyline Silhouette race car.

The Skyline and several other cars like it competed in Japan, during the 80s, in FIA Group 5, and were modified to comply with Group 5 rules and regulations, which stated that the car's body must remain factory, preserving the factory "silhouette."

Through a loophole in the rules, fender modifications were left "open," allowing insane wide bodies that the class became known for. Aero specs were also left open, resulting in oversized spoilers and wings.

You can see how these cars inspired Bosozoku style cars.

The owner says he has driven the car on Suzuka Circuit, where he also tracks a Hakosuka and an R32.

All I can say is that I am extremely jealous. This man is living the dream in my opinion.

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こんにちは!Exite Video Magazineのマンキンです!
こSuper GT kyushuが開催されたオートポリスへの道中、の素晴らしい、有名なDR30 Nissan スカイライン シルエットレースカーのレプリカを発見しました。





とにかく言いたいのは、、、羨ましい‼ 僕にとっては夢のような話です。。。

他にも沢山写真や記事をのせていますので、 までアクセスどうぞ!そしてFacebookでもチョコチョコUPしています。「いいね!」ボタンをお願いいたします!

Nov 15, 2013

These cars are all a part of the Gazoo Racing 86/BRZ race series. I did a little trolling on the internet, and found the official webpage which is in Japanese. Here is a quick description of the rules, in Japanese:

これらの車はすべてGazoo Racing 86/BRZレースシリーズの車です。インターネットd少し調べていたら日本語での公式サイトを見つけました。ここではルールについての概要が説明されてあります。

GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Raceはナンバー付車両によるJAF公認のワンメイクレースです。サーキット専用のレーシングカーではなく、ナンバー付のレース参戦用車両TOYOTA 86「86Racing」・SUBARU BRZ「RA Racing」のいずれかと、国内Aライセンスがあれば参戦可能です。

「レースに参加してみたい!」を叶える為、全国各地でレースを開催。レース初心者でも参加しやすい同一スペックの車両のみで行うレース「GAZOO Racing 86/BRZ Race」が2013年7月から始まりました。

After a quick running it quickly through Google Translate, I get the (very rough) idea that this series is for licensed street legal cars only. It is a spec race, so think about the Miata Cup, or some street-class Auto-X events, and you get the feel for this race. It would be very easy for beginners to get into, providing they a) Have the money, and b) Have a "National A Race License."

The blue and white car above is driven by 後藤比東至, who races for "Monkey Amateur Racing Team." 

上部の青と白の車は、”Monkey Amateur Racing Team”でレースをされている後藤比東至さんによる走行です。

The cars have limited or no aero, so the only way they can really stand out is through their liveries. As the Hatsune Miku GT300 Class BMW proves, liveries in some ways, make the racing car! Even in the rain, the beauty of these cars really came through.

車の規制が決まっていたため、それぞれの車が注目されるためには、ボディにほどこされたステッカーデザインが決め手でした。初音ミクGT300 Class BMWの車を見てわかるように、人気、もしくは有名なレーシングカーにする為にはステッカーデザインが大きく影響するようです。雨の中でもステッカーデザインがこれらの車の美しさを目立たせてくれます。

The metallic pink on this car was amazing! Car number 777 is no longer on the roster, so I can't tell you anything about the driver.  I'd love to see someone in the US paint a drift car this color. They would have to be a great driver, though. You can't be weak and have a pink car!


Next to the pink warrior, was this car, apparently advertising some type of online game. Probably a dating sim or some kind of kinky sexy game. I don't know about the game, but I do know that Itasha is very huge in Japan right now! Also, the driver is female. Her name is 塚本奈々美.


Then we have this car. Come on! Everyone loves skulls and least I do. Driven by 織戸学 for "Tommy's Racing x Collars."

織戸学さんによる"Tommy's Racing×Collars"の走行です。

Despite all of the crazy liveries, I am strangely most attracted to this one. It's subtle and, somehow, it reminds me of the GT-40 LeMans car that all race fans know and love. I wouldn't be surprised if some how it influenced the owner of the car.


Also, this is why I love grassroots racing series. The cars bumper graphic says it all: "Built by passion, not by committee!" Grassroots series are for people who love racing, and a lot of time, their feedback directly impacts series rules and regulations. I've seen behind-the-scenes of some professional racing leagues, and the dollar rules. That's not racing... it's business. Business kills passion. Keep racing alive!

これもまた私がアマチュアレーシングを愛する理由の一つです。この車のバンパーが全てを語っています。"Built by passion, not by committee!(車への愛情こそがすべて!"。アマチュアレーシングシリーズは、レースをこよなく愛する人たちのためにあり、ほとんどは彼らのフィードバックはその後の規則や規制に影響を与えます。
今までプロのレースリーグやそれらの賞金王のBehind the Scene(舞台裏)を沢山見てきましたが、あれはレースではなくただの「仕事」にしか見えませんでした。仕事とするとパッションなんてなくなります。もっと本物のレースが見たいです!

Coming up soon, I have the Hatsune Miku GT300 Car, and some cars from the other Gazoo Racing series.

この後Gazoo Racingシリーズから初音ミクGT300車とその他の車たちも登場します。

The internet site for the Autopolis 86 race can be seen here. English readers will need to use Google Translate, however.


Nov 12, 2013

This week we learned that back in the day, Gataro Muto was quite the aggressive driver. The story almost puts him on the same level as Shingo Shoji, the guy that drove the Red EG6 in Initial D. I don't think I would say that Muto-san is that sadistic though, from what the story has shown me so far. It's safe to assume that both Muto and Masaya knew the rules before they agreed to race. The manga goes so far to say that they both understood.

But it appears that Muto's old rival is now a doctor, and possibly driving a luxury car. How unfortunate.

I never had a race rival that I had a huge grudge with, but I did have some close friends that I would repetedly run over and over and over again, either trying to maintain dominance or gain it. It makes racing fun if you have a person to beat that you know. Have you ever had a race rival? Comment below.

Nov 11, 2013

I caught this one in the parking lot, while leaving Super GT, and only had time to grab one photo. This thing looks kind of pieced together, but it's not the WORST thing I have ever seen. To be honest, I'd really like it, except for the Veilside side skirts. They just don't fit the rest of the car.

Super GT Kyushuからの帰り道この車を駐車場で見つけ、写真をとることにしました。この車、見た感じパーツどうしがバラバラな感じがしましたが、そこまで悪くはないなと思いました。正直いうと、Vielsideサイドスカート以外、他は完璧です。これだけはどうも合わないかなと。。

I really want to know what those front fenders are though. They almost look like Borders, but there are no top vents, so I know they are not. I'm also at a loss on the rear bumper / diffuser. Google turned up nothing. Can anyone help out?


The taillights, while I don't know the exact brand are replicas of the GT taillights, from old Super GT cars. Kinda fitting that they would be in a parking lot at a Super GT race. There was a guy making replicas here. But from the looks of it, he's is sold out and not making anymore. I'll see what else I can dig up.

テールライトはどれがGTテールライトのレプリカかハッキリしたブランドはわかりませんが、旧型のSuper GT カーからだと思われます。
Super GT レースの駐車場にありそうな車でした。

Nov 5, 2013

Muto-san got into the car, and it looks like he had the ride of his life. This man used to be a racer himself, and now he is screaming for his life. Do you think he will be able to overcome his fear?

Have any of you been away from street racing for a while? Do you think it would be easy to get "back into the swing of things?"


In case you aren't familiar with manga, it reads right to left, instead of  left to right like American comics. Just read the panels opposite from what you would read an American (or I presume any other western country) comic book, and you should be fine.

Nov 4, 2013

Let me first say, sorry for the quality. It was raining very hard, and I didn't want to get my camera out in the rain, so I went with the iPhone with a cracked glass, and condensation formed on the lens. Any image is better than no image, though.


You will see that disclaimer in front of the next several posts, as I finish the in depth look at cars that I found in the parking lots at Super GT Kyushu.

Super GT Kyushu会場の駐車場で見つけたカッコいい車の写真をUpしてるので、次の記事でご覧ください。

Welcome to the first bilingual article from eXite Video Magazine. I will post a paragraph in English, and then post the translated paragraph below in Japanese.

Exite Video Magazineより、初のバイリンガル(二か国語)ブログへようこそ‼

This NA Miata is very wild yet mild at the same time. In fact, only the white hood messes up the overall aesthetics, and to be honest, there may be a really good reason for it, I'm not sure. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but the car was definitely British Racing Green. Mazda fans will note that this means that if this paint was laid down in the factory, that it is definitely a 1991. That is the only year that Mazda put that shade on the NA, and only 3997 were produced in this shade that year.


The stance is what initially brought me to yell "Stop the car!" to Daniel from Wasabi Cars, who was acting wheelman for the day.  I was too soaked and cold to think about checking the rim sizes, but that looks like maybe a +0 offset 8 or 9, sitting on a race stance. Pretty impressive for a car with such small inner fender area. Miata guys, can you help me take an educated guess?

 この車のスタンスは、その日一日ドライバーをしてくれたWasabi Carsのダニエルに、「車をとめてくれ!」と叫んでしまうほど魅力的な車でした。ホイールのサイズを調べようとしましたが、雨がひどく長時間ずぶ濡れで凍え死にそうだったので断念しました(汗)しかしその見た目からだと、おそらく+0オフセット8か9くらいかな~?と思いながら、会場の席へむかいました。

Look at those sexy arches, and the headlight vent work. The arches are Jubiride from Japan (obviously), and unknown bumper vents. Good God, those are sexy, though. Anyone have any info on what type of vents those are under the headlights? The bumper looks like a C-West style, but C-West (according to their current online catalog) doesn't have anything for the Miata. The car also has a 3D Carbon Fiber GT wing. Overall, the car flows very nicely.


I won't lie, if I wasn't 6'5", I'd drive a Miata. I don't care it is a "girl's car" or not. This is an example of one that was done right in my opinion.


Info and educated guesses based on info from the following sources:


Questions, comments, hate? Throw it in the comments below.

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