Oct 7, 2013

Super GT Kyushu at Autopolis: Day 1

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So I have had one more automotive dream come true. I got to go to a Super GT race in Japan.

The Kyushu 300 was held Saturday 10/5 and Sunday 10/6 at Autopolis, near the town of Hita. Like most race tracks that I've been to, it's in the middle of nowhere. But navigating in Japan can sometimes be difficult, and honestly, downright confusing. 

Without getting lost it's a 1 hour drive from Hita to Autopolis...but if you get lost..... double that. And if you have to go back to Hita because you forgot your tickets in the car.... quadruple it.

My girlfriend had to work, and I had bought her tickets, so I invited Daniel from Wasabi Cars to tag along. I had never met him, but I had watched his Youtube videos, he lives in Kyushu, and we both have a passion for cars, albeit different types. He is a really great guy, and I encourage you to visit his channel. He is very knowledgeable on classic Japanese cars.

The race was cancelled due to the weather, as you can tell in our photos. The rain alone wouldn't do it, but the fog was VERY thick, and to be honest it was a big safety hazard. WRC is probably the only racing committee that would have soldiered on, but then again... Rally drivers are a little crazy...in a good way.

At any rate we had a great time. The best things about these events are always the parking lots, IMHO. I like real cars... used and abused just the way I think they were intended to be used. I took some snaps, mostly with my iPhone. Sorry about the smokey look. My phone is cracked and the lens was fogging up.  

Ran into a nice black on black Supra. It's on Wed Sports, and I'll throw some research into some of the parts and make a separate post.

Mugen had a stand, since Honda is campaigning it's CR-Z in the Super GT. How many Honda guys would love to have these Mugen seats in their cars?

This was the first time I have ever seen an LFA in person. It's not really my type of car, usually.... but if the opportunity arose, I would definitely drive it. What a gorgeous piece of machinery.
We even had some race queens take time out of their busy schedule of being hot to take a photo op with a race fan's dog. Check out the video below:

I really liked this Miata. I got excited and Daniel stopped the car, so I could get some snaps. I have a few more, and I'll have a more detailed post at a later date. But I can tell you even up close, the fitment of the wheels as well as the body panels was top notch.
It was a shame to see this car bagged up like produce from the grocery store. It was an even bigger shame when I couldn't get people to get out of the way long enough to let me get get some good shots the next day.

All I can say about this BMW is "Dat Azzzzz." I got some more snaps of this as well, and I will post up about it in the future. The real deal version of this did win it's GT300 class division on Sunday.
When it was raining and we heard no racing going on, we knew we were in for it...but this DR30 Silhouette Skyline was the first car that we saw. And to be honest, if it was the only thing we saw all day, it would have made the price of admission and everything completely worth it. Dear God, it was immaculate. I have a short clip of it leaving below, and I am going to be editing more footage of it that I took with my t2i. Stayed tuned for that.
This of one of two pictures that truly describe the weather. It rained...and rained...and rained.

But that didn't stop very dedicated Japanese race fans from sticking around. I was the only idiot without an umbrella.

There were also some Vitz racecars and a ton of FT-86 race cars at the event as well. Here is a short clip below:

That is a broad overview of day 1. I have some more in detail pictures and posts to throw up, as well as an overview of Day 2 coming soon. Right now I'm finalizing the D1 Nagasaki Video, and after it's posted, I'll be throwing up more from the Super GT race at Autopolis.

Take care.

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