Oct 1, 2013

RPM Manga is coming your way!

So a few months ago, Option Magazine started publishing a serialized manga in their magazine. I immediately fell in love with the art, but I couldn't read it. I am learning Hiragana and Katakana, but I am light years away from kanji.

My girlfriend agreed to help me translate the magazine so that I could bring it to you. Turns out she ASKS me when we are going to translate next. She loves the story, and she doesn't even like cars....well not like us.

I fell in love with Initial D, way back in like 2001, before Tokyo Pop ruined the anime when bringing it stateside. Back then it could only be downloaded on Limewire or Napster (Same time that dinosaurs roamed the earth, I know.) And it was known to my friends and I simply as "The street racing anime."

I was around 18 at the time, so Takumi's struggles really resonated with me. I became as interested in his love story with Natsuki as I did with his struggle to remain undefeated on the touge. I still love Initial D. I have been watching the 5th Stage, and I am so excited that the 6th stage has been announced, although I am sad that it is reported to be the last stage. However, at 30, it's a little bit harder to connect with. His problems seem so small compared to an adults' issues.

But RPM...RPM... now there is a manga I can connect with again. Muto-san is a44 year old business man struggling with real world adult problems like work, buying a house, having a family, and frankly becoming slightly more scared about driving fast than he used to be. I am 30, but I haven't had a sports car for like 5 years (I got caught up in the stance game with my Nissan cube.) I work. I pay rent, bills, I have to actually do stuff with my girlfriend because I love her (unlike when I was 18...if they left because I'd rather race....screw em).

I know when I finally get my 180sx here that there will be a huge readjustment curve. Let's be really honest... dodging potholes on your stretched tire 18s isn't the same as hauling ass around 90 degree turns at 2 am.

Anyways, I have fallen in love with this story, and I really think you will, too. Regardless if you are an 18 year-old newcomer or a 50 year old veteran.

We are really happy to be translating this for you, and I hope our translations can do the story justice.

I will be releasing 5 pages a week (there are 20 pages a month in the magazine), and I will be starting around October 15. I am working ahead of the deadline, and I will be using the auto-post feature, so it will be one of the few things with a DEFINITE time of publishing.

Follow along, and let me know if you like it or not.... I really think you will.


  1. Im excited. I can even relate. Im a 30 year old verteran. Maby I can get the drive to drive again. I myself fear driving fast because $$$ in repairs. Grew up racing and cars is 99.9% of my brain.

    1. I feel the same way, Justin. The scene was so amazing back in 2000-2006. People were actually racing. Don't get me wrong, I like stance aesthetics on the right car, but it's a little overboard sometimes. I think it's a waste when you reduce a sports car to hard park status. It would be akin to hiring Michael Jordan in 1991 to be your water boy. Such a waste.

      Definitely as we get older, rear world concerns creep in. If I am injured how will this affect my family, how will it affect me financially. We start to worry about rising car insurance. In short a whole world of problems we were largely ignorant to (or didn't care about) in our late teens to early twenties. Thanks for the comment, by the way. You are the first true commenter.

      If you want to see a certain thing on the blog, please don't hesitate to comment again or email me at exite.video.magazine[at]gmail.com

  2. Thanks so much for this. I just discovered this now and WOW. I love how the protag even has an R30. One of my favorite cars! Art is really good too!


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