Oct 18, 2013

R35 Nissan GT-R: Super GT Safety Car.

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I have a lot of snap shots from cars from Super GT, so you will be seeing me post a lot of these as I attempt to clear out my back log to make room for more content. And this is just day 1 of Super GT Kyushu, still.

The first solo car post is going to be this R35 Nissan GT-R, which Super GT is using as their Safety (Pace) Car. Not much added in addition to the normal GT-R that is sporting NISMO goodies, but.... wait. IT'S A NISSAN GT-R SPORTING NISMO GOODIES! I guess that's enough, right?

In addition to sporting items from NISMO's R35 GT-R catalog, they've added flashing lights, which are obviously for visibility while the GT-R performs it's job as a pace car. Strobing LEDs are in the front and rear, and there is an amber light bar on the roof.

It must suck to be the guy who's job is to lap around the track in this "slow car," to control the race cars pace during caution laps. In fact, this job is so pathetic, that the current person should quit....and I'll take over (since I have no shame and all).

It's always interesting to see cars dressed up in different ways to actually perform work. Especially when you see some of the police cars in this country. If you want me to, I can't start grabbing snaps of those as well!

Continuing the trend, next posts car will be the Autopolis NSX pace car. If you have a keen eye you can spot it in the wide side shot, above. (Second picture from the top.)

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