Oct 8, 2013

Quick Snap: Blue S14 Silvia in Fukuoka

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This one of those times where you don't really want to do a quick snap, but you have no other choice. Back in September, I visited my girlfriend's family in Fukuoka, to watch her nephew participate in his school's undokai (sport's festival).

While we were walking to the grocery store one evening, I found this parked in a gym's parking lot. The gym is private membership, and the car was in a fenced in area, with no way to reach it. I was kinda bummed out, but I grabbed this anyway.

I'm going to post the parts that I know for sure, and if anyone has a correction or can clue me in on the unknowns, that would be great.

Roof Spoiler: Origin

Trunk Spoiler: D-Max

Side Skirts: Origin (?)

Fenders: No Clue.... I looked for about 30 minutes online. I thought for a minute they were M-Sports, but they are not. The standout feature on these, to me, is that the fender lip is really pronounced.

The rear fenders are definitely rolled and pulled.

Rear Bumper: ? Once again, I thought I was close with BN Sports, but it's not a BN part. The bottom almost looks like a separate lip, but it's not. Gave this one about 30 minutes, too.

Rear Tails: D-Max LED 

The wheels appear to be Gunmetal Advan RS. I would say 17s and probably in a 9" width the way they are filling out those wells..... I can't swear to the size, but it's an educated guess.

Like I said earlier, if you can identify some of the parts, have at it in the comments below.

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