Sep 27, 2013

Quick Snap: Z11 Nissan Cube in Fukuoka

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I spotted this cube in Higashi-ku Fukuoka coming home one day. I almost missed it, because I had left the flash on on my iPhone camera. I think the combined processing needed to open the Camera App and get the flash ready was too much. And it seemed like it opened EXTRA SLOW. The front of this picture is not a crop job. That is literally the edge of the frame.

This cube (yes it is really supposed to be lowercase) is sporting what looks like factory option Aero, and a color matched factory grill. Normally the grills on this model are the standard Nissan gunmetal.

The rims look like they are 16s, probably 16x7 with a high offset. That's pretty common FWD fare. It's definitely dropped, even if only slightly, so I'm going to venture a guess, and say springs!

It did have an exhaust note, but nothing super crazy. Just nice and mellow. Most import guys (and gals!) would understand me if I said it sounded similar to an a'Pexi World Sport tone on a Civic. Not annoying, but throatier than stock...nice.

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