Sep 9, 2013

Quick Snap: White S14 Silvia

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This photo is the epitome of the quick snap series. I snagged this in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka one night.

I heard it coming down the opposite street. Everyone that's ever owned an SR powered car knows the exact sound they make. I fumbled to get my iPhone because I knew it was coming. As I was pushing the camera app, the thing decided to take it's time. Finally it opened, and the car was so close I had to pan as I shot to keep the blur down..... quick snap philosophy in action.

The car was sitting on some kind of suspension and had what sounded like an RS*R exhaust. It had different wheels on the back that the front, indicating that this fine fellow was more-than-likely a drifter.... now if only I knew where he was going that night.

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