Sep 9, 2013

Quick Snap: Datsun B121 Sunny Truck

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The Sunny Truck above is from around 1978 to 1988. The chassis code is B121 (GB121 denotes a long bed, in case you're wondering). I found this about a block away from where I spotted the Euro R Accord wagon that I posted earlier.

It's sitting on Hayashi Streets that looked to be in the neighborhood of 16x7 up front and 16x8 in the back, but please don't make me swear on it.

As I post, I realize that I really need to bring a pen and paper, or utilize iPhone's note app so that I don't forget these *very important* details. Then again, sometimes you're in a rush and you HAVE to be somewhere, and you have time to just fire off one quick shot.

That's the idea behind the quick snap series. See something amazing and grab it. Not being able to give you 5+ photos is no reason to skip on sharing something with you. I do, however, always hope that there is a chance to revisit these cars in depth, although, that may be a pipe dream.

It's a shame that the "chicken tax" laws that started in 1963 prevented this thing from coming stateside. I could have really seen this thing becoming a hit in California with an SR, RB, or even 13B swap.

I would go for an SR20DET myself....what about you?

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