Sep 26, 2013

New domain name going strong!

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So I promised that I would make a post when the name update was competed, and is. It is official: We are now ! On top of that I have created the Facebook fan page, and linked it in the widgets. The RSS feed is working, so if that is your thing...well get at it! While I am talking about widgets, also let me mention that I linked the official eXite Video Magazine Twitter account. You can also find that widget at the top of the page. The Facebook needs a little bit more work however, as I just have temporary images up, and I have not made any posts through the account yet. I will work on that more tomorrow, it's getting late and I have to teach early tomorrow morning, about an hour away. I know have haven't posted any pictures or fun posts lately, but that's the problem of running an incomplete, yet functional blog. Been bustin' my hump to get things squared away, but you can't really see any proof of it. But tomorrow I promise that while working on editing the D1 footage and fixing up the FB page... I will post something fun. Maybe I will edit a quick video, or dig into the photo vault for a quality article. Only time can tell....

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