Sep 17, 2013

D1 Nagasaki Preview

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I'm a little bit backed up, since I was three days without the internet, but here are a few screen grabs from potential candidates for the featured post slider. I'm posting them here for you to check out, hoping to appease you while you wait for the real video and post.

Overall it was a fun event, but a word of caution, NEVER think the 20$ seats are ok. More about that in the next post.

Tomorrow, I am fixing the featured post slider and redirecting the widgets.
I also have the footage uploaded to the edit PC for D1, and I am almost done with the rough cut of a future UpGarage mini vid from my Saga visit.

My friend Besus is going to get me a few retro video clips for my graphics, and that's all I'm really waiting on to finish the videos. For now enjoy two more pictures below, and the two up top.

Yes, there was a crash.... and YES I caught it on video in clear view.

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