Sep 8, 2013

Ichiban Mega Post

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 Most posts won't be this wordy, but we have a lot of ground to cover.

Welcome to the very first post on the eXite Video Magazine blog! This has been a long journey, and I have wanted to start for a long time.

I will tell you more about the name, the style choice, and myself, all while dropping off a video after the jump....

The name eXite (not a misspelling, I'll explain) was conceived sometime in 2004 at the home of my good friend Eric. We were both huge import fans, deep into the JDM movement. We really liked magazines such as Option and Option 2. While thinking of names that seemed like broken English, I came up with "Excite!."

To further the, what we called "JDMness," I misspelled the name, the idea being to make the "X" really big. It was supposed to be the focal point of the typography, and for a long time, it was.

Fast forward to now, and I'm so deep into 1980s love, you ended up with this lovely retro motif. Let's face it, Japan hasn't made a ground breaking car that was affordable to the masses (Other than the FT-86, thanks Toyota!) Since the 80s. Even the 90s cars were essentially a restyling of an 80s type. Minor HP tweaks aside, There were no major improvements between Honda's EF to EK series, Nissan's S Chassis, Mazda's Roadster or FC/FD. After the 80s, Toyota left the affordable range (even the MR range was a little pricey, and then the Supra), and after the 90s, the world dried up and became a sad place for the Japanese sports car enthusiast. Thus the 80s and 90s were the real paradise for lightweight sports car lovers.

So there is a little history on the design and the name, but what about me?

I am a 30 year old male.

I live in Japan in Usa. It's a small city in Oita-Ken on Kyushu.

I am from the US.

I love to take pictures and video and I love to edit.

I have two degrees from Ohio University Southern.


I teach English for a living in Japan.

Sorry for the long post without any media. There are all kinds of interesting things around me. The more I get imbedded in the car scene, the better this page is going to get. Stay
I will also open up an online store in the near future, so that you can buy Japanese Media and items.

Below, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a Video Option clip from back in the day.

I will be launching a new channel within the next week or two. Stay tuned!


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