Sep 30, 2013

D1 Nagasaki Wallpapers 2013

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Here are some wallpapers from photos taken at the 2013 D1 Nagasaki event. I didn't take very many pictures, since I was focusing on video, but I did grab a few. I figured I could use them to make some free gifts for the loyal readers of eXite Video Magazine.

The first image is of the Goodyear FT86 pulling off a pretty sweet slide from the main straightway into corner 1.

The second image is the very beautiful Toyo Tires S15, waiting to approach the line.

I don't think that I am alone in saying that I wouldn't mind having either of these cars.

I am offering up two sizes. One in a regular 4:3 aspect ratio at 1024x768, and the other is a 16:9 ratio at 1900x1080. You should be able to scale these to fit any other resolution within the respective aspect ratio.

Thanks for reading guys (and gals)! The other sizes are below.

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