Sep 8, 2013

2000-2002 Honda Accord Wagon R CL1

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 I took a lot of iPhone pics when I first came to Japan, because it's hard to keep up with multiple cameras when you are exploring an area for the first time, and the iPhone does video and photo, so it makes a great light carry. In fact, I know many indy film scouts that use this for almost everything.

One of the cars I found when I was exploring was this Accord Wagon Euro R, which should have been manufactured sometime between 2000 and 2002.

From Wikipedia:

The Euro R included an H22A engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Recaro seats, leather-wrapped MOMO steering wheel, helical-torsen LSD, sports suspension, sports exhaust (including 4-2-1 stainless headers) and an aluminum-alloy gear shift knob. It was also fitted with a unique factory body kit that included flares and was available in some colors not available to other accords (such as Milano Red). The Accord (sold at Honda Clio locations) and the Torneo (sold at Honda Verno and Primo locations) are the same car, aside from minor cosmetic differences in the exterior.

The 2002 model was named the Euro-Rx. This model came with a few slight modifications from the 2000/2001 model. These included factory rear privacy glass, a titanium gear knob, optional Red-checker interior (original gold-checker) and bronze coloured alloy wheels. The high-stop spoiler also became standard on all models. Honda also addressed two common issues that had become apparent. The ECU was upgraded to resolve the issue of cold-starts causing hesitation on acceleration and the gearbox syncros were upgraded to a higher quality alloy to lengthen their lifespan.

I really like the color scheme on this one. I have always been a sucker for Gold/Bronze Wheels on Dark Grey. I don't know the manufacturer of the wheels off-hand though. Can anyone help me out?

The body is stock aero, and from the amount that it's lowered I would say that it's lowered on springs. The exhaust was OEM, but the interior had a few goodies for us to see. Sorry about the reflection. That's the pain of using iPhone. I really need to get some polarizing filters for my lens set for my t2i.

Inside of the dirty windows, we can see a MOMO steering wheel, but also revealed the fail of fails in the automotive world....automatic.

Here are a few more pictures:

I have always really liked the Euro R Accord. Back when I was into Hondas and owned a del Sol, I really wanted to buy a 2000 model Accord to do a Euro R conversion. When I saw this those memories came rushing back.

What do you think about the Euro R? Do you think it's worthy of wearing the R badge?

Also, Check out Honda Style magazine if you are into JDM Hondas. It features everything from factory features to modified cars to race models. I would say it's the JDM version of America's Honda Tuner.

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