Dec 31, 2013

Turns out Michihisa is just a little snitch. I mean I don't like shit-talkers, but I don't like snitches, either. In his own way, Masaya tells him to stop snitchin', mainly by saying he knows they talk and he doesn't care. Masaya shares with us that he values total car control, because that leads to speed. But is that all that matters to Masaya? Who can be the fastest?

Dec 28, 2013

These are just some pictures that I took of some Vitz race cars from the Gazoo Racing Toyota Vitz series.


Like the FT-86 race cars, these cars are very limited in the mods that they are allowed to run.


For more on the series, the webpage can be found here. It is in Japanese, so English readers will need to use Google Translate.


My previous post about the Gazzoo Racing FT-86 race cars can be read here. And below is a video with both the Vitz Race Cars and the FT-86 race cars.


Dec 27, 2013

And the Christmas posts just keep on coming. The couple in this S14 Silvia seemed so nice. I wouldn't have minded being friends with them at all.

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